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a lego elephant made out of blue bricks on a wooden floor in front of a white wall
LEGO® Duplo Nashorn selber bauen
Hier siehst du ein Nashorn aus LEGO® Duplo. Diese und weitere Bauideen gibt es auf - einem Blog für LEGO® Duplo Inspirationen und Bauvorlagen.
the lego model is made to look like an alligator
Hier siehst du einen Dinosaurier aus LEGO® Duplo, der Feuer spucken kann und uns von gefällt!
there are three lego buildings on the table
za LEGO ljubitelje • Poglej temo - MOC Slaščičarna
LEGO DUPLO modular buildings
the instructions for how to make a lego house
This is a cool creation to try with your little one for their next sleepover or as a fun activity to help children wind down before bed. Youll need a selection of LEGO DUPLO bricks - just make sure you have a few transparent ones so your child can really enjoy the nightlight effect. Let their imagination run wild they could build a castle a volcano or a glowing dragons lair. Use a battery powered LED light to make it glow and voila!
a lego lighthouse is shown in front of a white wall and green carpeted floor
NameBright - Coming Soon
Hier siehst du einen Leuchtturm aus LEGO® Duplo, der uns von gefällt!
a toy house made out of legos on a white background
DUPLO® | Temaer | Officiel LEGO® Shop DK
Tower of Imagination