Cropped and cool oversized t-shirt in soft, tissue-weight fabric has short sleeves and a rolled neckline. Imported.  Fabric: Cotton/Polyester.

I love the female body! I will feature HOT pics of Women in Tight Yoga Pants. I may slip in a few Sexy Cleavage pics, but I am all about Tight Yoga Pants and Yoga Shorts:)


Voicelessness essays about life A survey of Voicelessness and Emotional Survival members. Depression and the Subtext of Family Life In the psychology of children and. Talks and Personal Essays.


Animals are worthy of our love & protection. two things that tug at my Grinch heart.

Love this photo!

Moscow-based photographer Alexander Yakovlev has an amazing talent for conveying the elegant, refined energy of dancers. His stunning studio portraits capture dancers mid-pose, exuding a grace and power that is fortified by the primarily black and white a

"Passion for dance leads a man towards a natural desire for respect and romance." ~ Sabrina Steczko

If you live a lifetime without a moment like this, you have no idea how much you are missing- its never too late! ) Learn to dance latin dance! This is tango, which has some of the most beautiful music in the world as well as the loveliest of movements.

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You gotta love this photo!

Buenos Aires Street Tango by Chigirev Portrait Photography. ° Never too old to feel the spirit!

When I grow up I'm going to be an old woman

When I grow up I'm going to be an old woman

Twyla Tharp, choreographer, dancer at age Photo by the ever-amazing Annie Leibowitz

スズメたちによる「素晴らしい整列」Twitterで話題に - ライブドアニュース


スズメたちによる「素晴らしい整列」Twitterで話題に - ライブドアニュース