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spiral staircase

Remodeling this gorgeous spiral staircase.one step at a time! All the steps in the old houses amaze me!

Save the world, raise a hippie

— Save the world. Raise a Hippie. Less kardashians and more…

News paper art

Make something like this for the living room Conrad Jones ingiltere doğumlu, Malaga Ispanya'da mukim

Dixit alternative card. All credits to his autor

Italian artist Nicoletta Ceccoli uses pastel colors to tell us a story of a melancholy world. Some common themes in her surreal works include loneliness, fear of abandonment, and apprehension about growing up. If her wonderfully whimsical paintings look f

Hieronymus Bosch, Triptych of the Epiphany, c. 1495, oil on panel. Museo del Prado, Madrid

Close Looking: Bosch's Prado Epiphany Hieronymus Bosch, Triptych of the Epiphany, c. Museo nacional del Prado, Madrid In light of the positive responses to the entries on Lorenzo.

alex grey art - Google Search

Multiple patterns are again present in this piece. There is a lot of movement in the pattern extending from the figures head.

eyes, wallpaper, and background image

Inspiring image beautiful, eyes, wallpaper, fondo de pantalla by loren@ - Resolution - Find the image to your taste