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FSXCNRBCt-I.jpg - Фото галерея "Разное"

soldevia: “ As promised, Will Graham, the second half of the illustration, the other half is Dr. All Ps, not-so-many reference pics on this one (Hugh Dancy have an easier face to paint than.


neruteru: “ The season finale left a large void in my heart… SPOILERS (I THINK): im like fuck you hannibal, fuck you fbi blond oldie, fuck you unloaded pistol, fuck everything, omg bedannibal (i.

Just wanted to put them together in a single painting <: Not very sure about the antlers in the background, my flatmate didn’t really lik.

Hannibal and will

yanagoya: “ So there’s all this quality, deep, symbolic Hannibal fanart everywhere, and that’s what I was gonna draw. Nailed it.