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the interior of a large cathedral with white walls and arches on either side, there is a bench in the middle
Thibaud Poirier
Thibaud Poirier - The Grundtvig church in Copenhagen. Made out of 6...
an old building with many windows and balconies on the top floor is painted pastel green
Magyar Szecesszió Háza
Bedó house was built by Emil Vidor 1903. Today it is an Art Nouveau Museum in Hungary . It's name is Magyar Szecessió Háza. foto 2007
a large building sitting in the middle of a lush green field on top of a hill
I.M. Pei's modern design for NCAR was loosely based on Anasazi architecture. Photograph by ModMidMod.
an empty walkway between two buildings on a sunny day
The National Center for Atmospheric Research, up In the hills overlooking Boulder, Colorado | designed by I.M. Pei, 1961
an old photo of a house on a hill with mountains in the backgroud
Fuck Yeah Brutalism
National Center for Atmospheric Research, Table Mountain, Boulder, Colorado, 1961-68 (I.M. Pei & Partners)
an elaborately designed entryway with stairs and circular tiles on the floor is pictured in this photograph
Nouveau... yeah I'm going to redo my house like this some day. Shut up! I know my house doesn't have the bones for this! But we will figure it out! ❤️
an aerial view of a city with many buildings
hungary - Visit Europe
St. Stephen Bazilika, Budapest
a car is parked in front of an old building with balconies on the second floor
"Adria" Magyar Királyi Tengerhajózási Részvénytársaság székháza, Budapest 5
Courtyard of Szabadság tér 16, Budapest. Seen in "Maigret Sets a Trap"
four different views of an architectural building with trees in the foreground and on the far side
Fischer József (építész, 1901–1995) – Wikipédia
József Fischer Szépvölgyi street 88.B, Budapest 1933-1934: Hungarian Bauhaus architecture then and now Article 1 in hungarian: Article 2 in hungaraian: Hungarian wikipedia biography:
an unusual building with multiple windows and balconies on the top floor, against a green wall
نیک زی | معماری زیبا و متفاوت با کاشی
معماری زیبا و متفاوت با کاشی نمایی دیگر نیک زی
an intricately designed wall with blue, green and yellow tiles
Casablanca tiles #morocco #tiles #mosaic #pattern #inspiration
an elaborately decorated column in the middle of a building
Limoges, France
Cathedral St. Etiënne in #Limoges, France - architectural detail - polychromic #gothic construction began in 1273