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Harry Potter Characters: In the Books vs In the Films - 9GAG

Harry Potter Characters: In the Books vs In the Films. Some are spot on, some are a little off but still great <<— I agree! Also, they tried with Daniel and the coloured contacts but he was allergic to them so they decided against using them again.

Awesome Fun Facts #HarryPotter movies/books

Fun facts: Harry Potter - I especially love the one about how to pronounce Hermione's name because I was totally saying it wrong until I read Goblet of Fire. And poor George.

[b]Born:[/b] 1970 [b]Single?[/b] Nikolaj is happily married to Greenlandic actress Nukaka, with whom he shares two children and two dogs.  [b]See Him Next:[/b] Taking the lead in Danish thriller, [i]Domino[/i], about a police officer seeking justice for his partner’s murder.

Who has stolen Jamie Dornan's crown? Was it Tom Hardy or a One Directioner?