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a woman in a blue dress is standing outside
a crocheted doily is shown on a white tablecloth with purple yarn
an image of a doily with words written in thai and english on the side
a green crop top and jean shorts with sunglasses on the floor next to it,
a woman is holding two crocheted black and white stuffed animals in her arms
Kendall Perez on Instagram: "Thank you for the insane support on my previous reel starring these cute fury snugglers! 💜 I promise I will be making more and will put them up for sale in a future restock (most likely March/April timeframe)!! So stay tuned! If you are interested in making your own night or light fury dragon snuggler, then follow @redmills_crochet and grab a copy of the pattern from her Etsy!! ✨ Pattern: @redmills_crochet 30mm hand painted eyes from @knotzoflove_ Yarn: @bernatyarn blanket Hook: 7mm . . . . #dragon #crochet #crochetdragon #dragonsnuggler #crochetsnuggler #yearofthedragon #httyd #howtotrainyourdragon"
two crocheted stuffed animals sitting next to each other on top of a table
Dragon Crochet 🧶
a crocheted stuffed animal laying on the ground next to some plants and a potted plant
Kendall Perez on Instagram: "Just finished this adorable baby Toothless yesterday. What do y’all think!? This was a pattern test for the amazing @redmills_crochet! ✨ Pattern: @redmills_crochet (releasing Feb 17) Hand painted eyes: @wildk_crochet Yarn: @premieryarns parfait chunky Hook: 4.5mm . . . #crochetdragon #toothless #httyd #howtotrainyourdragon #crocheted"