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Expecto Patronum -Luna- by *SaraRichard on deviantART -- Luna Lovegood and her patronus

Another Patronus piece. Thinking of doing a harry and snape one at some point! Check out my other Hermione piece! Acrylic on paper Expecto Patronum -Luna-

Cho Chang.

Dyllan Coulson, daughter of Phobos (god of fear and panic). My mother was a decedent of Jupiter. So I'm half Roman half Greek. I am currently I have a blessing from Hades/Pluto.

sirius black

There's not nearly enough Lupin fanart in my gallery. I've drawn him before, but never in a portrait like this, and I really wanted to get him right. I feel like Lupin would be .

Professor Trelawney

so thrilled the character for wizarding wednesday this week is Professor Trelawney, she’s a favorite!