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Zsolt Szrapkó

Zsolt Szrapkó
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If Steve was a comic book guy this would be such a cool idea! All the super heros: Spider-Man, batman, iron man, Thor, captain America, etc...

This tattoo picture "Batman Joker Tattoo Sleeve" is one of many tattoo ideas listed in the Comic Book Tattoos category. Feel free to browse other tattoo id

i LOVE this tree for the tattoo im getting on my back! I can have the owl and broken pocket watch added in along with the quote about family i decide to get

Tree ~ Well, so much for an original tattoo idea. Half living/half dead tree for my back piece. The cemetery will fit nicely on the left side where the background trees are.

Love this tattoo <3 meaning Fire on Fire, You're the flame in someones eye that's never put out

The Meaning of a Double Triangle Tattoo. Discover the meaning of the double triangle tattoo at oneHOWTO. Depending on the orientation of the triangle, the meaning of the tattoo will change. It can represent Fire and Air or Water and Earth.