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the words are written in different languages and have been changed to be english or german
a rabbit is sitting in front of a window with words written on it that spell out
De holnap látlak suliban... 😊😊
a cat sitting on top of a poster with the names of its breeds and colors
Hány éves a macska?
a small dog sitting in the back seat of a car with its paw on a bag
a black dog sitting next to red shoes on top of a white floor and an image of a pair of sandals
a white dog with its paw on top of it's head and the caption says
a dachshund dog is sitting on the couch
a black and white photo with an image of a cat
Hányszor de hányszor és mindhiába, ha közben szíve másé lett már 2014 óta
the different types of dogs are shown in this cartoon character's video screen shot
Ida Ꮚ•ꈊ•Ꮚ (@floofyfluff) on X
a baby polar bear sitting in the snow with its paws up to it's head