Zsófia Fábián

Zsófia Fábián

Zsófia Fábián
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Thinking about Margie's thought to add curves (to balance against the angular design). Something like this on a smaller scale? Engineered stone contemporary public bench - PUFF by Arriola&Fiol - Escofet

Qinhuangdao Red Ribbon Park

An architect's 7 wonders of the world – fantastical and inspiring modern architectural creations around the world, from a tentacle-clad museum to a giant mirrored jellybean

Hyttgardsparken-skating park in sweden / 42architects

Built by in Falun, Sweden with date Images by Robin Hayes. 42 architects have recently completed phase 1 of their design for a new activity park in Falun, Sweden.

Ed benedict Skatepark

Portland’s Ed Benedict skatepark is nearing completion. About two weeks to go according to the boss man on site. Poachers have been a problem so a security guard has been hired.