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Szabó Zsófia
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Could have dealt without, all the lessons all at one time. Even my counselor asked me how I did it? Think they must have been developed skills from childhood, survival skills.

My life is my life. I am wiling to take advice from those I trust but your opinion of MY LIFE is not my reality! What you say behind my back is none of.

You can interpret this in so many ways.But feeling alive and vibrant and full of joy's so important to me.I've lost my way recently but getting back on the right track.

Words to live by .Surround yourself with people who bring out positive, uplifting and are encourage you to strive to reach goals that you may have set for yourself or your family. vibes,Good times and always tons of laughter . to feed the soul

Heard you! Loud and clear. I understand that you want to move on and start a new life now that I'm leaving.

I dont get why you wont fight for me. You said you loved me and want me to be your one but then break up with me :'( guess the females in your life have the control. Your mother made it perfectly clear no one is good enough

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