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an image of a painting that looks like it is in the middle of a field
Gustav Klimt - Litzlberg on the Attersee Art Print by TilenHrovatic
a boat floating on top of a large body of water
Happy Birthday, Gustav Klimt: July 14, 1862- February 6, 1918
a painting of trees in the grass with lots of leaves on them and blue sky above
Gustav Klimt - Pear Tree at Harvard Art Museum Cambridge MA
a painting of trees and water in front of a green wall with lots of leaves on it
Alessandro Fornero on Twitter
a painting of people walking on the shore of a lake with trees in the background
a painting of a field with flowers and trees in the background, by an artist
a painting with many different colors and shapes on it's face, including an image of a woman standing in front of a yellow background
Klimt, Gustave (1862-1918) - 1905c. Stoclet Frieze - Expectation
an abstract painting with many different colors of flowers in the foreground and on the background
Gustav Klimt Archives - Leslie Parke
a painting of a tree with lots of yellow fruit on it's leaves and branches
I grandi dell’arte – Gustav Klimt – Parte 3: Periodo aureo [1]