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Famous Nature Paintings Scenery Wall Art On #art #painting @EtsyMktgTool http://etsy.me/2aXTpjp

October In The Forest by Leonid Afremov - October In The Forest Painting - October In The Forest Fine Art Prints and Posters for Sale

Photographer Captures the Beauty and Diversity of Australian Fungi

Australian fungi come in countless shapes, sizes, colors, and textures — diversity that photographer Steve Axford captures in his photos.

Different kisses, good for writing

It helps a lot to analyze the different types of kisses as it can help describe them better and make a scene more intimate or fluffy depending on the kiss shared so this is extremely helpful :)

MOMFILES.com: 16 Boring Words & What to Use Instead

Are boring words hurting your writing? Some words, when repetitively used, become boring for the reader. Consider using a synonym instead, which might help convey the meaning more vividly and accurately.