Zsolt Gelencsér

Zsolt Gelencsér

"A marketing igazából színház. Éppen olyan folyamat, mint egy darab bemutatása." - John Sculley
Zsolt Gelencsér
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You know those family-friendly restaurants that have paper tablecloths and crayons – and you just can’t resist drawing ridiculous things all over it as you dine? My Desk takes that concept into the workplace. My Desk’s concept by Miguel Mestre is freedom

My Desk's concept is freedom. Freedom from the boundaries of your notebook pages and post-its. My Desk gives a blank paper that serves literally as base for your work and helps your mind flow. Sketch, draw, take annotations or simply scribble.

The 5mm thick, A4-size silicone piece brings together the convenience of a mouse pad and a resting place for tiny desktop accessories such as clips, coins and pencils in the form of an inwards sloping edge. $50

I was lucky enough to snag one of the last units of this beautiful mousepad from kitmen keung. Works a lot better aesthetically than my last mousepad.

Forras: blog.kolboid.eu

Forras: blog.kolboid.eu

"Things to do by telephone" - AT ad from 1966.

1966 AT&T BELL SYSTEM vintage magazine advertisement "Things to do by telephone" ~ Things to do by telephone - Recruit a den mother - Lay down the law to the repairman - Find a nice home for the last of the puppies - Make an appointment for a .

how to use QR codes for marketing

Mobile sites and QR codes. We have the technology needed to make trendy QR Codes for your company, opening the door to your message, videos, web sites or any other information you need sent out.

A phone you roll out from your wrist.

The Rollerphone by Alexey Chugunnikov is a futuristic watch with a retractable transparent screen at the base. The screen unfurls to the tip of your fingers making it a perfect fit between ear and mouth.