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an octopus swimming in the ocean with its tentacles curled up
a mother lion and her baby are laying in the grass with their mouths wide open
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Умывание. Животные | Природа
an adult polar bear and two cubs playing in the snow with one cub laying on its back
Mom and cubs | Photogtaphy by @JudithConning
an owl is sitting on top of someone's feet and has it's eyes wide open
Kawaii uhu
a polar bear is eating some food in its mouth while standing on it's hind legs
Ursus maritimus.
Polar Bear cub CD
a baby polar bear sitting on top of a wooden crate with his paws up in the air
Those are big paws
a dog is standing in the water next to a wolf
a horse is standing in the middle of a snowy field with trees and snow covered ground
Comfort Spring Station
Beautiful Bay.. Every Bay I see reminds me of my baby... I love you Starburst! More
a black and white horse with blonde hair
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Mark Calver - Google+
a colorful bird splashing water into the air with it's wings spread out
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Photography in this moment of elegant movement, there is something that approaches a miracle. Michela
a close up of a leopard laying on the ground
Big Cat Alert! - 24th September 2013
So sad, as there are actually no wild animals left in the world, they are either in Parks, Sanctuarys or Zoos......
an owl perched on the palm of a woman's hand with bright yellow eyes
Northern White Faced Scops Owl by Leon Herbert / 500px
Photo Northern White Faced Scops Owl by Leon Herbert on 500px