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Africa | Sudan | Quilted Cotton | Fighting man's robe

Africa | Sudan | Quilted Cotton | Fighting man's robe




What if I were to tell you that you could buy a factory built van with a turbo diesel engine, front and rear lockers, a high roof, a four ton payload, and it's still capable of 20 mpg? That would sound like the overland

@emileonwheels Vanlifer Emile Diffley "Back at it again with the white van - traveling the United States in search of adventures and inspiration - the destinations in the journey" by vanlifers

"I'm too sexy for the road," plays every VW camper on this list! There are few old cars with such lasting iconic power as the VW Campervan. Hippies, surfers, world travelers and many others delight in

The best view is from a van. Photo: J_Bonde

The best view is from a van. Life is about collecting memories, not things. Get inspired by these photos, break away from the 9 to 5 grind, and set forth on your own campervan adventure! Photo: J_Bonde

VW LT 35, unique handcrafted conversion, genuine 38k miles! | eBay

I convert campervans for a living (get in touch if you would like me to convert a van for you). I spent a LONG time looking for an interesting and mechanically sound vehicle to convert. When I saw this LT pop up I brought it within a few hours.