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an abstract black and white pattern with diagonal stripes
Autechre: elseq et al · Feature ⟋ RA
an abstract black and white background with dots
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a black and white photo with squares on it
Ryszard Winiarski
an old black and white photo of a man
Swarm: a group workshop examining the principles of generative design. Ordered and disordered conditions are explored as methods for producing forms which can be unpredictable, varied and complex despite their simple programmatic origins. Left: Random / Right: Even Distribution Left: Collaboration / Right: Diagonal Stacking Left: Random / Right: Even Distribution 25 March 2012 2 x 4 22 March 2012 22 March 2012
a black and white pattern with small squares on the top right side, in different sizes
512 different ways to color a 3x3 grid using only two colors
a black and white image of some type of text
a large collection of different lines and shapes
a bench sitting on top of a tiled floor
aminuteofperfection: Bromma Airport Hotel
the different types of train tracks are shown in this graphic art printable version,
Ethnic Surfaces
Philippine's Heritage Patterns
a large white building with lots of holes on it's side and people walking by
Equipamiento social en Roses by EXE arquitectura
shadows cast on the wall and floor in an empty room with white walls, windows and perfored screens
Binh Duong School / VTN Architects
Binh Duong School / Vo Trong Nghia