Szechenyi Baths, Budapest / Hungary. Going to these baths was one of the best days.

Hungary, Budapest :: Szechenyi Baths :: [One of the lasting remnants of Turkish influence in Hungary, Budapest's baths that are heated by natural thermal springs.

Gellert Pool, Budapest. Best public pool in the world.

The Gellert swimming pool, Budapest, Hungary. Gellert baths and swimming pool complex looks more like a cathedral than a pool. The famed Budapest's bath was constructed between 1912 and 1918 and it features chic Art Nouveau style

Travel poster of Lake Balaton, 1967. By Philipp Giegel #Balaton #Hungary

fantastic graphic art on this vintage poster: Lake Balaton, Hungary. By Philipp Giegel.

Bathers in Lake Balaton, 1910

Bathers in Lake Balaton, 1910

Plage of Siófok, 1910

Nedves tónak, száraz partján, avagy a hosszú forró nyár és a párolgó Balaton esete: VÉSZHELYZET VAN-E?