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This is why you pay attention in school kids

Muslims insult Europe and the White People means Muslims Commit Blasphemy against Hitler

21 Quick Facts I Bet You Didn't Know! Nutella was invented during when Italian pastry maker mixed hazelnuts in to chocolate to extend his chocolate ration.

Franz Joseph I, 1848

Emperor Franz Joseph I – This rather improbable silhouette became fashionable in the and lasted until Some men wore corsets (which seems to be the case here); Winterhalter portraits of the Prince Consort display similar trends.

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Több acél, erősebb ország 1953 Artist: Konecsni György

More steel - stronger country / Több acél, erősebb ország 1953 Artist: Konecsni György

Politikai plakátok 1945-1948

Politikai plakátok 1945-1948

Not So Fun Fact

Funny pictures about Interesting Historical Fact. Oh, and cool pics about Interesting Historical Fact. Also, Interesting Historical Fact photos.

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Stalin: Worse than Hitler! Hitler's death toll million. Stalin's death toll 20 million!