love the shelf placement behind the tub

Beaded-Board Bathrooms

master bathroom inspiration Built-In Bath Storage. Even a small amount of beaded board can have big impact. Narrow-plank beaded board provides a stylish backdrop for this built-in storage unit at the foot of the tub.

Walk-In Showers for Small Bathrooms

Absolutely Stunning Walk-In Showers for Small Baths

Though diminutive in dimension, this walk-in shower makes an impact thanks to its marble door frame and tiled interior, which are highlighted by charcoal walls. Bathroom floor tiles repeat inside the shower to visually link the two areas.


bathroom with the white tones, stunning pedestal sink and glossy subway tiles, and to top it all off, a French tri-fold mirror. bathroom by Barbara Sallick in House Beautiful

vintage bathroom

Decoration Ideas: Extraordinary Chalkboard Paint Bathroom Wall Design Interior With Retro Vanity Furnishings In Addition To Small Wall Mirror Decor

Brooklyn bath.

Mixat modernt Brooklynloft

Antique White Mirror. I have a mirror just like this and I want painted like this!

"Antique White" Mirror

The Homes I Have Made: DIY Gold Polka-Dot Wall

DIY Gold Polka-Dot Wall

I like the idea of making the dots look like glitter raining down, instead of the traditionally spaced polka dots. The Homes I Have Made: DIY Gold Polka-Dot Wall

how to share a tiny bathroom

how to share a tiny bathroom

I looove that floor. New York City Bathroom Inspiration: Classic Black and White Tile Flooring with Subway Tiles as the walls. Add a bit of Black and White Photography, a plant or some Art Work and this Bathroom has some serious personality!

As a group, my family decided we weren't going to exchange physical gifts this year per se and would get back to focusing on sharing experiences and togetherness.

Nem volt szíve kidobni, így kicsit újragondolta! Közönséges, divatjamúlt bútorok hihetetlen átalakítása! - Egy az Egyben

15 creative ways to transform old furniture beyond recognition