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Copenhagen - Denmark                                                       …

Soul Mission 18 May Copenhagen - Denmark

The cutest

Baby Lamb and Donkey Friends in the Snow

fake it till you feel it.

True Love has a habit of coming back.this obviously means Jared will be coming back so no need to fear.

Yeah it's definitely true…☺

And by like you, I may be able to tolerate your presence for a decent amount of time before going back to wanting to strangle you. Maybe.

good things #2 This is literally exactly the sort of thing I've done on my tumblr for ages but it someone copied me they've done it better

Good things- this entire thing sums up my life & surroundings

Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

***Staubbach Falls (Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland) by Toby Hawkes

Restaurant design inspiration byCOCOON | hotel design | project design | renovations | Dutch Designer Brand COCOON | Côté Cour Aix En Provence

If you have a restaurant, you can be inspired by these incredible inspirations of restaurant design.

Dyanon Bistro | Jannina Cabal | Archinect

Dyanon Bistro by Jannina Cabal

ADAM / CT Coffee & Coconuts Amsterdam

CT Coffee & Coconuts in Amsterdam is the perfect hangout. Find your bean bag, order something organic & relax. All Day Breakfast, free WIFI.