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two white ducks with musical notes in their beaks and one duck is looking at the music
two colorful vases sitting on top of a wooden table covered in paper mache
54 Ideen für lustiges Laternen basteln mit Kindern
a person holding up a paper cut out of a white bird with an orange beak
Libás ötletek Márton napra, kreatív ötletek Márton napra óvodásoknak
three little birds are standing on top of a shelf next to some books and decorations
Libás ötletek Márton napra, kreatív ötletek Márton napra óvodásoknak
many white ducks are sitting on the table together and one is made out of paper
some birds are hanging from the ceiling
two white lanterns with lit candles in them hanging from string and decorated with paper flowers
Basteln mit Tetrapack - zauberhafte Laternen selber machen
two plastic bags with leaves on them hanging from a window sill in the fall
paper lanterns with giraffes and leaves are sitting on the floor next to each other
Sonne, Mond und Sterne!- Laternen basteln mit Kindern
two vases made out of different types of paper on a white counter top with a wire hanging from the side
Laterne - die Upcycling-Variante
Aus einer PET-Flasche kann man eine tolle Laterne machen. Wie das geht? Einfach weiterlesen... Kein Leim, alles trocken geklebt...
a paper cut out of a chicken with a bow tie on it's head
Márton napi lúd
Kreatív fejlesztés: Márton napi lúd
two paper chickens are standing next to each other on a wooden floor, one is wearing a yellow bow
Márton napi ajándék...
Szülők a gyermekekért: Márton napi ajándék...