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LOL>> The fairly odd parents theme just started playing as soon as I saw this.

All I can think about is Wanda and Cosmo were a married couple and this is a crossover of that where it's Dan and Phil as Wanda and Cosmo. Conclusion Dan and Phil are an official married couple ‹‹‹ XD

"Dan and Phil" Dan Everyone will know... I mean, my friends just say Dan and phil now. No danisnotonfire no Dan Howell just- "We were just talking about 'Dan and Phil' Dan."

"'Dan and Phil' Dan" Yep that's how you know who it is now. This is "Dan and Phil" Dan. Oh, you want to speak to "Dan and Phil" Phil?


Hiccup (How To Train Your Dragon Edward Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist), Eren Jeager (Attack On Titan) and lastly Monty Python everyone.

Phil IS the dominant one... in bed... *wiggles eyebrows. winks suggestively* Yeah I'll leave now.

I honestly think Dan is dominate I just can't imagine Phil being dominate. It's like with lashton, Luke is younger but most of the time he's dominate over Ashton (MOST of the time not all the time)

Whether platonic or not, they love each other very much and that is what I aspire to have

hyperventilates <--- they love each other more than Dan loves memes and Phil loves pancakes

When I say that Dan and Phil have separate channels, people are surprised and they say, "really?" This makes me oddly proud. Dan and Phil are like one person to people who don't know them already.