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Fun snowman crafts - Snowman Felt Board by Amanda Formaro CraftsbyAmanda.com

Snowman Felt Board

Who doesn't love cute snowman crafts? Snowman crafts are popular because they are easy to make your own. A felt board is a great way to engage little ones.

handmade Christmas card form the The Blog of GENMANOU: TUTO tree card opening ... gatefold with half a tree on teach side of the fold ... clever!

As this card opens, a tree made from pleated paper rectangles pops out, like a small gift. Although it can be glued into any size greeting, it is especially attractive in a tall, slender card that mimics a pine tree’s natural dimensions.

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Lace doily around a bouquet of flowers for mom - Cute moth

Easy DIY Christmas card. Could use cut-out strips from magazines. le sapin est composé de découpes de magazines.

Easy DIY Holiday Crafts - Wallpaper Collage - Click pic for 25 Handmade Christmas Cards Ideas for Kids (Diy Nol Carte)