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"Savory & Simple: Meat-Free Cabbage Delight Recipe"
Yummy chocolate cubes.🤤
Rice Cooking
Bailey's Chocolate Poke Cake
Step up your boxed chocolate cake mix with Baileys! Get the recipe at #delish #easy #recipe #cake #chocolate #baileys #liqueur #alcohol #pokecake #heavycream #storebought #condensedmilk #irishcream #irish #video #howtomake
"Mediterranean Magic: Savory Roasted Eggplant Delight! 🍆✨"
soft and cheesy mozzarella stuffed bread
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Easy Puff Pastry Wreath: A Heartwarming Tear-and-Share Delight for the Holidays! ♥️🎄
#HolidayBaking #PuffPastryMagic #ChristmasTreats #WreathOfJoy #EasyRecipes #TearAndShare #FestiveBakes #HolidaySharing #BakeWithLove #ChristmasDelights Credit: anniekaly Instagram
Cornflake Chicken
This recipe for cornflake chicken is strips of chicken breast coated in seasoned crushed cornflakes and baked to crispy perfection ➡️ Ingredients: 400g chicken breast (4 pieces) / Salt / pepper / ➡️Plate 1:6 tablespoons flour / ➡️Plate 2: 150g Greek yoghurt / 1 egg / 40g flour / 2 cloves of garlic / 1 tsp Italian herbs / 1 tsp peppers / 1 tsp chili flakes / 1/2 tsp pepper / 1/2 tsp salt / ➡️Plate 3: 100g corn flakes / 2 tablespoons Italian herbs / 50g Parmesan or Pecorino Romano.
Healthy Crispy Parmesan Potato Chips | Dinner Idea | Healthy Recipes
Indulge in our Healthy Crispy Parmesan Potato Chips, a flavorful option for snacking or as part of Healthy Recipes. 🥔🧀 Savor the crispy and nutritious goodness. Ready for a guilt-free snacking experience?