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a quote from ronald dali on the topic of love
Kindness Journals! - 16 quotes and posters to reflect, write and discuss!
These kindness journals will get your students thinking about kindness and the effect it has on others. There are 16 different quotes (with posters) to reflect on. There are 4 different style journals. One with just the quotes and writing space. One with the quotes and extra writing space. One with the quotes and coloring. Lastly, one with quotes and a space for students to illustrate their interpretation.
a woman standing in a field with flowers on her head and the quote we're born princesses and the civilizing process turns us into frogs
Tout homme naît prince ou pr... Citation de Eric Berne
the words you spend most of your life inside your head make it nice place to be
The Best Inspirational and Motivational Quotes
a child's room with a teddy bear and wall decal that says in this house we are real
Abstract / Words Quotes Wall Stickers Words Quotes Wall Stickers Decorative, PVC Home Decoration Wall Decal Decoration 55.855.8cm Wall Stickers for bedroom living room