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two pictures of a man with red eyes and the caption says i want to save money but seventen
two anime characters, one with blue hair and the other with black hair wearing glasses
a cartoon character with the words no because the amazing world of gumball is such a good show
this and bluey are the funnier kids shows ever😭✋🏼
a drawing of a man with a tie on
Make Your Day
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an anime character with long hair and glasses
a man giving the thumbs up sign with his hand and text saying boyfriend reveal me
My whisper<3
a sign that says, sick of my parents getting offered every time i finish when they go to touch me
I have an idea, how about you just don’t touch me ‼️😺
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he said smth homophobic yesterday and i cried for hours 😃✋
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*pink tinted lipbalm flavoured skin